Our Specialties

Shipper Services specializes in providing door to door service to virtually anywhere in the world, no matter what kind of capacity is required.  The benefit is enhanced when Volume Less than Truckload (VLTL) is the solution for your shipment.  Our customers pay only for the deck space they require, and their product is loaded on our truck designated as “Load-to-Ride”.  This specialty designation means your freight arrives virtually claim-free, intact and On-time.  Excellence in transportation delivered at a less than truckload price.

Why Choose Us?

Our Difference

Shipper Services is an agent for our shippers. The responsibility of a shipper’s agent is to protect our shippers and their product to ensure they receive the best service at the lowest transportation cost. Other brokers and 3PL’s act as agents for their asset based carriers. Their responsibility is to the carriers they are contracted to, and to fill their trucks.

Our Mission

Our mission at Shipper Services is to increase our business by providing a full range of transportation services, with consistently high standards, to fulfill our shipper’s needs. To be the best in complete transportation services.