Air/Rail Services

While most of the shipments we handle are motor cargo, the staff at Shipper Services are well versed in the alternative modes of transportation.  Our Air and Rail services are always available when your requirements call for a different solution.

Do you have freight that must deliver sooner than the transit time for a standard “over the road” shipment or even an expedited shipment.  Shipper Services can provide Air Cargo services internationally.  No matter what volume or size of freight you need to ship, we can provide door to door Air Cargo service for next day, second day, and economy class shipments.

Do you have a truckload or larger shipment needing delivery to your customer with less emphasis on transit time.  If so, our Intermodal service, combining road and rail transportation systems, is a great option.  While not the quickest form of freight transportation, the cost savings can be significant, making our Intermodal services an excellent option for your transportation needs.

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