Volume LTL

Volume LTL is the term for LTL shipments which are larger in either size, weight, or both in comparison with traditional LTL freight and is available for both van and flatbed freight.  Shipper Services can provide transportation and rates based on the linear foot your shipment requires on the trailer.  Typically 4 to 30 feet of the trailer.  While common carriers provide services tailored to small LTL, their rates, service, and transit times are vastly inferior to our Volume LTL service.

An extra and highly important feature of our Volume LTL service is the “Load to Ride” aspect.  Common carriers load and offload your freight from terminal to terminal along the transit path to your customer which greatly increases the chance of damage and lengthens the transit time.  Our Volume LTL service provides a more direct transportation from the loading and delivery points with no terminalling.

Faster transit times, fewer freight claims, and less expensive than the other guys.

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